A Case Study on Yield Savings and Efficiency Improvements with Flexsheen® Interleaving Paper


Flexlink recently trialed, qualified and began selling Flexsheen® interleaving paper to another new customer in the stainless steel industry. By decreasing the basis weight from 20 lb. interleaving to 15 lb. natural Flexsheen® metal interleaving, this customer is saving in excess of $100,000/yr.

Major Cost Reduction/Productivity Improvement Efforts

Flexlink began trialing 15 lb. natural Flexsheen® metal interleaving paper to replace a generic 20 lb. neutral pH paper. While the customer had experienced relatively good quality over the years, they were making a major push to reduce cost and increase productivity.

Our Flexsheen® line of metal interleaving papers offers superior tensile characteristics and remains the only natural interleaving paper that is controlled for ash, sulfate and chloride. Knowing this, the largest of our customer’s steel polishing plants began trialing our 15 lb. natural Flexsheen® metal interleaving paper. After a few months of trials, the paper was approved at the largest of their four plants and ultimately rolled out to all four of them.

Savings Breakdown

The customer received an estimated savings as follows:

Efficiency Improvements Annual Savings
Machine Operating Rate $1,400/hour
Time Required to Change Paper Roll 10 minutes
Hourly Operator Rate $50/hour
Number of Rolls Used Before/After Change $1,520/1,140
Number of Fewer Roll Changes 1,520 – 1,140 = 380
Number of Hours Saved (380 rolls x 10 mins.)/60 = 63.3 hours
Total Savings 63.3 x $1,400 = $88,620
Yield Savings Annual Savings
25% More Lineal Feet Per Pound $15,100
Administrative Savings Annual Savings
Weekly Releases to Reduce Inventory ?
Fewer Purchase Orders ?
Fewer Trips to the Paper Pile ?
Total Annual Savings $103,720+

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