Electrical Papers

Electrical Papers


Flexlink LLC offers a wide range of electrical papers for diverse applications such as cables, transformers, bushings, magnet wires and capacitors. Our papers are made with ultra-pure and ultra-clean bleached and natural sulfate (kraft) pulp. All grades are made international specifications but customized grades are available. An outline of the various products and applications follows.

Creped Paper for Transformer Winding

Flexlink’s creped natural creped paper is sold in basis weights from 67#/3000 sq. ft. to 105#/3000 sq. ft. (110gsm to 170gsm). It is sold in both thermally upgraded and non-thermally upgraded forms and can be made with stretch/elongation of up to 180%. These papers are used to insulate measurement transformers, voltage transformers and current transformers.

Creped Paper for Bushing Insulation

Creped Papers are also sold for bushing insulation applications. These creped papers get impregnated with epoxy resin to create a “RIP Bushing” (Resin Impregnated Paper Bushing). Creped Papers for these products start at 34#/3000 sq. (55gsm) and go up to 95#/3000 sq. ft. (155gsm). Applications include telecommunications cables and high voltage power cables. Grades are available for jelly filled and non-jelly filled cables.

Electrical Glassine

Like all our Electrical Papers, our Electrical Glassine is produced with ultra-clean, low-sulfate, low-chloride, low-ash pulp. It’s high-density makes it a good insulator in coil-winding and transformer applications. For more information on our glassine papers for envelopes, bags, pharmaceuticals and flower wrap, please visit our Converting Papers page by clicking here.

Carbon Loaded, Semi-Conductive Black Paper for Power Cables

Carbon loaded, semi-conductive paper is supplied for use in power cables. This paper can be used around the conductor to smooth out electrical spikes that would otherwise occur.

Capacitor Tissue

Capacitor Tissue Paper is available in basis weights down to 15gsm. Applications for our Capacitor Tissue Paper include paper for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, static capacitors and foil capacitors (sometimes called soggy foil capacitors).

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