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Service is the cornerstone to the success of your business and Flexlink understands this – even with small orders less than one truckload and/or small size customers. Our approach to the market is about technical innovations, timely call-backs, sensible packaging, and on-time deliveries. When you partner with Flexlink, you get a technically driven team with a seamless flow of information and products available in sheets, rolls or die cuts. Rolls can be packed vertically or horizontally and packaging can be customized to your individual needs.

There is a $1000 minimum order size and credit cards are accepted. Lead times depend on the nature of your product.

About Us


Flexlink was founded with the goal of providing niche oriented, highly technical, flexible materials to end users based on sound engineering, excellent service and great follow-through. With decades of combined experience in and around the paper and packaging industries, we pride ourselves on understanding the unique nature of your business, processes and products. Papers, films and laminations are our passion and we never assume that one solution meets all needs.

When you call Flexlink, we will ask a series of questions surrounding the end use, specific needs, why an incumbent product is working or failing as well as what would create an ideal product for you. We focus on the specification, runnability, packaging, delivery, and back end service. We then take the time to help you understand the economics behind solving your problem.

While new products are expensive for any firm to develop, Flexlink uses a variety of small and large manufacturing equipment as well as independent laboratories. This makes us ideally suited to offer a customized solution that offers the lowest total cost of ownership and creates the greatest possible value.

Meanwhile, logistics is critical too. That is why our Cleveland, Ohio based headquarters and 60,000 square foot distribution facility is ideally located within 8 hours of 65% of the North American Market. From there, our reach extends to the Northeast, Southwest and throughout Central and South America.

Finally, most of our products go into critical applications. If they fail or are not delivered on time, our customers’ facilities shut down. We understand this and relish in this challenge. As a result, on-time deliveries, constant communication and keen attention to detail are key factors of our success.

Whether you want to buy one truck or one roll, please call us to discuss your technical paper needs.

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