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Glass Interleaving papers (sometimes generically referred to as anti-tarnish paper, anti-tarnish tissue or anti-corrosive paper) and plastics are the most chemically inert interleaving papers available on the market. Standard kraft, newsprint, and/or non-chemically controlled virgin papers can cause fogging, hazing, and corrosion of your tempered glass. Flexlink’s engineered and technically sound products preserve and protect designer glass plates, windows, computer screens, acid etched glass, furniture glass, automotive windows and any other glass applications.

The table below will help you select the right product for your application:

Product/Feature Target Benefit
Flexsheen™ Natural MG Glass Interleaver in basis weights down to 11#/3000 ft² Automotive glass, tempered glass, solar glass Lowest sulfates, chlorides and resins available. This protects glass surfaces from fogging, hazing in even the most demanding conditions.
Flexsheen™ Indented Paper Traditional commodity oriented glass where chemical controls are not important Cushioning
Flexsheen™ Hi Formation and Polyethylene Coated Interleaving Plastics, PVC, Lithoplates, Circuit Boards, Rubber Autoclaved Special surface and formation protects even the softest of materials
Pulverized Nutshells Non tempered commodity flat glass A low cost natural alternative to other interleaving powders

Accelerated Aging Room for Glass Interleaving


Did you know that Flexlink LLC is the only glass interleaving supplier with an accelerated aging room for glass and glass interleaving? This room allows us to interleave glass and do comparative testing among various glass interleaving papers?

While our Flexsheen® line of glass interleaving paper is run to ultra low reducible sulfur, pH and resin levels we can still force it to fail under high heat and humidity levels by leaving the glass interleaved for an extended period of time. Therefore, by interleaving the same glass with two or more interleaving papers and placing them in the accelerated aging room, we can determine which papers will last longer in normal conditions and which are more likely to fail. No other supplier in the industry has this capability.

Our Flexsheen® Line of glass interleaving paper allows you to cool your glass less, store it under warmer and higher humidity conditions and warehouse it longer. Call us at 216-283-6107 to allow us to prove it.

Learn More About Glass Interleaving Paper

To learn more about glass interleaving paper, read our news article on quality control and common issues, or download our latest white paper on “Factors to Consider When Selecting the Proper Chemistry for Glass Interleaving Paper”.

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Rolls of kraft paper awaiting conversion for glass interleaving
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