Water Resistant Tag & Label Paper

FLEXDura HE® – The Harsh Environment Tag & Label Paper

When you want the benefits of both Synthetic and Cellulose Based Papers.

FLEXDura HE® is an amazing, high wet strength, uncoated paper that is made from 100% cellulose wood pulp and is fully repulpable. However, unlike other wet strength papers, it holds up in harsh environments for months without discoloring, bleeding or losing significant strength. This high wet strength tag paper withstands harsh environments including wet, humid and chemical environments. It lasts for months without discoloring, bleeding or losing significant strength.

In many cases, FLEXDura HE® replaces synthetic papers, films and flash spun high density substrates in applications where users want a paper that biodegrades and can be used outdoors but still prints like paper without the use of special inks, toners or processes. Like any other paper, it embosses, die-cuts, glues and perferates easily but has the added benefits of having exceptional dry and wet tensile characteristics.

FLEXDura HE® truly is the most water proof paper available anywhere and it has lasted over two years outside in normal outdoor conditions.

Stocked in 8 colors and 3 calipers, FLEXDura HE® can be shipped in sheets and almost any roll size or quantity that you desire. And it can be printed flexographically, offset and digitally. That makes it perfect for your paper tag applications. These applications include:

Laundry Tags/Dry Cleaning Tags: This water resistant paper is chemically resistant. Therefore, FLEXDura HE® will go through washing and dry cleaning processes multiple times while remaining colorfast and strong. It truly does make the perfect garment tag, clothes tag or dry cleaning tag.

Continuous Laundry Tags/Continuous Dry Cleaning Tags/Continuous Computer Tags: Available in calipers thin enough for cash register rolls, this paper withstands all laundry and dry cleaning processes.

Lockout Tagout and Fire Extinguisher Tags: Is your industrial application wet or humid? Are you concerned about your safety tags being damaged by chemicals? FLEXDura HE® is chemically resistant and water resistant.

Wildlife Cards/Hunting Licenses/Fishing Licenses: FLEXDura HE® is the perfect colored water proof paper for cards and licenses and there is no other high wet strength tag stock like it.

Shellfish Tags/Seafood Tags/Fish Tags: While no one wants their tags to wash up on the beach or pollute our waterways, tags do get lost from time to time. While plastics and synthetics will remain for decades or possibly centuries before the sun can degrade them, FLEXDura HE® biodegrades and turns back into the soil it originally came from.

Tree Tags/Logging Tags/Repulpable Tags/Nursery Tags: A cellulose based paper which is strong enough to staple, is repulpable and can stand up to the harshest environments for log bundles, FLEXDura HE® is ideal in these applications. Additionally, it has been used in kilns during the drying process at temperatures in the 180° to 350° F range for up to 3 days.

Bike Race Tags/Outdoor signs/Outdoor Markers: This weather resistant paper can be used for durable tag stock applications and durable signs while still keeping the environment in mind.

Harsh Environment Tags: Harsh environments with humidity and water including the chemical industry as well as the pulp and paper industry are perfect for FLEXDura HE®. And since this paper is fully repulpable, it is perfect for industries looking for a natural alternative to synthetics.

Brick Tags/Drum Tags: FLEXDura HE® is an excellent durable paper tag stock with the ruggedness and durability for brick and other industrial applications where outdoor identification tags are required.

Marine and Chemical Tags: FLEXDura HE® functions well for asset tags and identification tags because this paper is waterproof and stands up to almost any harsh environment.

Keg Collars: Keg collars and keg tags require a high wet strength tag paper that can stand up to humidity and condensation. This water proof tag stock stands up handles the toughest environments.

Forest Service Maps and Signs: As a durable, biodegradeable paper and high wet strength tag stock, FLEXDura HE® is perfect for any outdoor application.

Color/Thickness Chart

FLEXDura HE™ is available in a range of colors and thicknesses that is ideal for your tag application. Additionally, rolls can be sheeted or slit to meet your custom application and size.

FLEXDura HE™ Tag & Label Stocking Chart
Caliper 5pt. 6pt. 10pt. 13pt.
White X X X X
Yellow X X X
Other Colors: Blue, Gray, Green, Lavender,

Orange, Pink, Red, Tan

*other colors and thicknesses can be custom manufactured, usually with
a 10,000 lb. Order
*ask your Flexlink Representative about options for flood coating and coloring master rolls to make custom colors

FLEXDura HE™ – Further Details

FLEXDura HE™ truly is the most water resistant paper available anywhere. Why use synthetic papers, polyethylene coated paper (poly coated paper), silicone coated paper or high strength film for your tags when there is a water resistant paper which is available in multiple colors and small minimum order quantities? This paper has wet strength which is superior to any other repulpable material. And while film, synthetic paper, and polymer coated paper are not biodegradable, this is a biodegradable paper. How long will it last as an outdoor paper before breaking down? Well, that depends on the environmental conditions. However, many months to two years are not uncommon.

And FLEXDura HE™ is not just a one trick pony as it has several other benefits as well? The formulation that makes it a water resistant paper also gives makes it a high tear paper.

We know what FLEXDura HE™ is currently used for. And while dry cleaning tags, lock-out tag-out tags, nursery tags, Christmas tree tags, lumber tags, log tags and racing tags are all used on a daily basis, we know that our customers will come up with unlimited other possibilities. Would you like to use your tag, tablet or sheet in the rain? Use FLEXDura HE™ as it stays strong when wet. Would you like to write in water with a #2 pencil? Use FLEXDura HE™ as it is moisture resistant and water resistant. Are the salts of the ocean air destroying the outdoor tags that you normally use? Use FLEXDura HE™ as it also chemical resistant. Do you need a paper banner that won’t tear or paper that you can use as a conveyor or for some other high strength application? Use FLEXDura HE™ because it has superior strength in terms of tear, tensile and Mullen. Do you need an agricultural paper that will not wet out but are you afraid of the environmental ramifications of having a film or synthetic paper littering your fields, forest, pond, stream, lake or waterway? Use FLEXDura HE™ as it is strong, water resistant and environmentally friendly.


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