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FlexTrue™: Solving Critical Challenges in the Flexible Packaging Industry


November 2023

Flexlink, LLC is proud to offer the FlexTrue™ family of papers that includes compostable, recyclable, PFOA and PFOS-free papers that provide barriers to grease, water and oil. In many cases, these papers are made with alternative fibers that use less energy, create less CO₂ and are completely sustainable. These polymer-free flexible packaging papers can be manufactured at a paper mill with oxygen and moisture barriers and with or without heat seal layers. They are ideal for a wide range of applications, including flexible packaging, quick-service fast food, straw wrap, gift wrap, confectionary, tea envelopes, dry goods and baking, as well as other food and industrial uses.

“Our goal was to create a one-stop shop for the most environmentally friendly and healthy products available. Since European Paper mills are more advanced when it comes to natural, earth-friendly, functional papers, most of these papers come from a dozen different specialty paper mills scattered throughout Europe,” said Dale Schott, President of Flexlink LLC. “However, paper mills in North America, South America and Asia also provide unique grades that meet these criteria. Therefore, many Flextrue™ grades come from these regions, too. Meanwhile, our team is constantly scanning the market for new grades and features that meet our criteria.”

In addition to design and sourcing, Flexlink LLC provides converting, stocking and logistics services. As a result, smaller and medium-sized customers can economically achieve the same goals as large food processors and consumer goods companies.

Learn more about the FlexTrue™ family of papers and how they can meet your technical needs while being “true to your health, true to the earth and true by design”. Contact Flexlink, LLC online or give us a call at 216-283-6107 to discuss your specific application.

Contact: Dale Schott, President – Flexlink, LLC
Phone: 216-283-6107 Email:

Flexlink, LLC News — We Now Offer an Accelerated Aging Room for Glass Interleaving


January 2018

Did you know that Flexlink LLC is the only glass interleaving supplier with an accelerated aging room for glass and glass interleaving? This room allows us to interleave glass and do comparative testing among various glass interleaving papers?

While our Flexsheen® Line of Glass Interleaving Paper is run to ultra low reducible sulfur, pH and resin levels we can still force it to fail under high heat and humidity levels by leaving the glass interleaved for an extended period of time. Therefore, by interleaving the same glass with two or more interleaving papers and placing them in the accelerated aging room, we can determine which papers will last longer in normal conditions and which are more likely to fail. No other supplier in the industry has this capability.

Our Flexsheen® Line of Glass Interleaving Paper allows you to cool your glass less, store it under warmer and higher humidity conditions and warehouse it longer. Call us at 216-283-6107 to allow us to prove it.

Flexlink Launches FLEXDura® HE – Harsh Environment Line of Papers


As a valued partner and client, we are pleased to announce that as of March 28, 2016, Flexlink LLC’s harsh environment, paper tag products will be re-branded and will now be called FLEXDura® HE.

FLEXDura® HE will continue to offer the most wet-strength, tensile (both wet and dry) and overall durability of any cellulose-based product available. The technical characteristics have not changed and we have attached Product Technical Data for your review. As you can see, it will continue to be offered in 3 calipers and up to 8 different colors per caliper as stocked items. Custom colors and calipers will continue orders to be available for orders of 6,000 to 10,0000 lbs.

The increased level of service that we have developed over the past few years will continue and custom slitting and sheeting in small quantities will remain a key part of what our team here at Flexlink LLC does on a daily basis. A price list which has been stream-lined to make it easier to read is also attached to this letter.

In conjunction with this move, our heat resistant paper will now be called FLEXDura® HR. As you know, this paper targets non-print critical applications where heat resistance in the range of 500 degrees Fahrenheit or less is required. Product Technical information for this grade is attached as well.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity extend my thanks and gratitude for your business and your loyalty. Our passion for supplying specialized, technical flexible materials continues unwaveringly and we hope that this shows through on a daily basis.

If there are questions, please contact your Sales Representative, Ryan Szafraniec or me at any time. Thanks again.

Contact: Dale Schott, President, Flexlink LLC, March 2016, Phone: 216-283-6107   Email:

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