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Here at Flexlink LLC, we use our worldwide reach and in-depth knowledge of end-users, converters and distribution channels to offer the most up-to-date range of papers and films for a wide range of markets. With this in mind, we introduced a full line of compostable papers under FlexTrue™ that will solve problems throughout the flexible packaging industry.

Fluoro-Free Oil and Grease Resistant (OGR) Papers


Flexlink’s FlexTrue™ umbrella of products contains a full line of fluoro-free (without the use of fluorochemicals) papers and film. They are all unique for various reasons. Some have OGR (oil- and grease-resistant) barriers. Others have sealant layers with no barrier while some are uncoated papers that provide unique benefits in the areas of sealing, printing and strength.

  • Available in white, natural and colors
  • Available in basis weights starting at 10#/3000 ft2 and going up to 35#/3000 ft2
  • Treated with bio additives inline, on the paper machine, or containing increased refining for specialized applications
  • KIT levels on OGR papers can be achieved up to 7.0, but higher levels can be reached through offline, secondary coating operations
  • PFOA and PFOS free

Machine glazed (MG) and machine finished (MF) papers are available. Machine glazed grades are often preferred for printability, but customization for basis weight, finish, grease resistance and a whole host of other characteristics is possible if needed.

The Industry’s Only Clay-Coated, Grease-Resistant Paper

Flexlink also offers the industry’s only clay-coated, grease-resistant paper. After fluorocarbon-based grease resistant papers were mostly banned in 2022, Flexlink introduced a clay-coated, grease-resistant paper with heat-seal characteristics.

This paper offers the printability of high-end flexible packaging papers, but withstands tough, oily and greasy environments in the food packaging arena.

Silicone-Treated Papers for Baking

Baking paper and pan liner papers are also available. These silicone treated papers have excellent release characteristics and can be used multiple times in baking and other pan liner applications. As the thinnest baking paper and pan liner offering in the industry, Flexlink offers improved yield and the lowest possible waste.

  • Offered in basis weight down to 15#/3000 sq. ft.
  • Available in sheets and rolls

Uncoated Barrier Papers

Under FlexTrue™, we also offer a group of uncoated barrier papers.

  • Produced with 100% cellulose
  • Contain both oxygen barrier (OTR) and moisture barrier (MVTR) without the use of additives or coatings
  • A heat seal layer can be added to these papers to create a heat sealable paper with barrier characteristics that is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable
  • Available in white, natural and colors

Straw Wrap

As part of the FlexTrue™ product line up, Flexlink offers 25gsm (15#) white drinking straw wrapping tissue specifically designed for wrapping straws of all shapes and sizes on high-speed straw wrapping machines. Flexlink’s straw wrapping paper comes pre-slit in tightly wound and soundly packaged rolls with a slitting tolerance down to +/- .2mm (.008”). As a result, this paper is ready to go directly on straw manufacturing lines and customers know that every roll will run smoothly and crimp well, with no chance of tears.

Flexlink can stock straw wrapping tissue for just-in-time deliveries of quantities down to 250 lbs. This reduces customers’ inventory, increases their straw wrap tissue’s inventory turnover, and improves overall profitability for their drinking straw product line.

  • All natural, 100% cellulose, kraft paper
  • Comes pre-slit in tightly wound and soundly packaged rolls with a slitting tolerance down to +/- .2mm (.008”)

Flextrue™ Applications

End applications for FlexTrue™ paper include:

  • Flexible packaging for food, hygiene and other applications
  • Paint masking
  • Baking sheets
  • Pan liner
  • Butter and margarine papers
  • Paper for confectionary and baked goods applications
  • Tamale wrap
  • Food service papers
  • Quick service and fast food wrapping papers
  • Pet food bags
  • Theater popcorn bags
  • Straw Wrap

Service Add-Ons

Flexlink also offers converting services for narrow roll slitting, sheeting, and rewinding into counter rolls. Meanwhile, inventory and JIT delivery options allow customers to reduce inventory and improve cash flow.

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