Steel Coil Packaging

Steel Coil Packaging


Flexlink’s Flexsheen™ Family of interleaving papers and films combines with a host of other packaging products to make Flexlink a one-stop-shop for your packaging needs.

Flexlink’s line of Corrosion Inhibiting Products includes:

  • VCI (“Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting”) Papers
  • VCI Films
  • VCI Bags
  • VCI Stretch Wrap and Desiccants

Each one has been customized to fit your unique packaging requirement. So whether you are storing metal products in your warehouse or shipping products around the world, Flexlink has the right VCI product for you.

VCI Products are useless if they are not protected by waterproof wrappers. Therefore, Flexlink offers a full line of durable reinforced laminated papers. This family of water proof papers includes:

  • Poly Weave Reinforced and Scrim Reinforced Kraft Paper
  • Scrim Reinforced Film Laminations
  • Asphalt Laminated Paper (aka Asphaltic Paper)
  • Polyethylene Coated Paper

Each can be delivered either printed or unprinted and in any range of roll quantities or roll sizes.

Steel Coil Packaging
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