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Quality Tag & Label Paper for the Most Demanding Applications

Flexlink’s line of durable Tag and Label base stocks offers a host of papers, films, and synthetics to be printed with flexographic, offset, gravure or digital formats. Our substrates get turned into tags and labels in the most demanding applications.

Why Flexlink?

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Unique Solutions for Every Application

With decades of combined experience in and around the paper and packaging industries, we pride ourselves on understanding the unique nature of your business, processes and products. Papers, films and laminations are our passion and we never assume that one solution meets all needs.

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Focused on End Use

When you call Flexlink for a specialty tag or label paper, we will ask a series of questions surrounding the end use, specific needs, why an incumbent product is working or failing, as well as what would create an ideal product for you.

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While new products are expensive for any firm to develop, Flexlink uses a variety of small and large manufacturing equipment as well as independent laboratories. This makes us ideally suited to offer a customized solution that offers the lowest total cost of ownership and creates the greatest possible value.

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Our Cleveland, Ohio based headquarters and distribution facility is ideally located within 8 hours of 65% of the North American Market. From there, our reach extends to the Northeast, Southwest and throughout Central and South America.

A Tag & Label Paper for Every Need

Flexlink offers a range of tag and label products with unique lint-free, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant capabilities. We are one of the few companies that offer both un-gummed and gummed patching paper. Our tag and label papers are ready to ship when you need it.

In some cases, form is more important than function. We offer an unlimited array of decorative papers and boards that are well suited for hang tags, announcements and flyers. Most of these papers have aqueous coatings and varnishes that offer color, fluorescence and texture. Although the combinations are infinite, examples include papers and boards with the look and feel of a basketball, football, alligator or snake. Order minimums apply. Please call to discuss your idea or creation.

Patching Paper (Gummed & Ungummed)

Flexlink’s line of patching papers is available in red and manila colors. Rolls are stocked in 7/8″” wide rolls with 5,000 lineal feet per roll and 250,000 lineal feet per skid. Gummed patching paper is also available.

Lint-Free/Latex Saturated Papers

Flexlink can custom design a latex saturated paper to meet your unique requirements. By saturating paper with latex we provide waterproof paper that is also abrasion resistant and lint-free.

Custom-designed, lint-free paper is the ideal product to use as a clean room paper. The latex will bid the fibers together and provide a paper which is lint-free and perfect for your laboratory applications.

Our latex saturated papers have minimum order quantities of 1000 lbs. or more, depending on the grade, color etc.

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Tell us about your unique tag or label needs and we’ll provide a custom quote along with product samples and technical information as needed.

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