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Flexlink LLC’s range of tea bag filter paper, coffee pod paper and paper for K-Cups and capsules combine the qualities necessary to brew the perfect cup of tea or coffee each and every time. When combined with our domestic stocking program and world-class service, Flexlink LLC’s tea and coffee program is un-matched anywhere in North America.

Flexlink Tea Bag Filter Paper is a Step Above the Rest

High-Quality Materials that Maximize Efficiency and Throughput

  • Run at lower heat seal temperatures than those of competitors (in some cases)
  • A sustainable combination of abaca and cellulose fibers
  • Available in both white and natural colors
  • The only company in North America that can offer a heat seal filter paper that is certified to be non-GMO and compostable

Environmentally Conscious Filter Papers

  • Compostable papers certified compostable by TUV Austria
  • No synthetic fibers to any of our products — unlike our larger competitors
  • Fibers in white filter papers that are never whitened using bleach or chlorine

Filter Papers That are Good For You

  • Fibers are left in their natural state, not white and dyed ‘natural’ colors after the fact
  • All of our products are made without the addition of PFAS

Flexlink’s range of tea and coffee filter papers is made with exacting quality standards that guarantee the perfect flow speed and infusion rate. It retains just the right number of particles (aka. particle retention) to brew the perfect cup of tea or coffee each and every time.

Find the Right Paper for Your Machine Type

  • Heat seal papers to run on all TEAMAC, Tecnomeccanica, and Maisa machines.
  • Non-heat tea filter papers for IMA, Constanta, Perfecta, Miflex-Masz and IMA machines at speeds up to 400 bags/min
  • K-cup filter papers to run flawlessly on filling machines made by Rychiger, IMA, Spreafico (owned by IMA), Afpak, Ifill, Alter Pack, Packline, Matrix, A.P.M, PTI, Viking Masek, Honorpack and Paxiom
  • Pillows, pods and packs made on form/fill/seal equipment manufactured by a host of equipment makers

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Why Flexlink?

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Unique for Every Application
We pride ourselves on understanding the unique nature of your business, processes and products. Papers, films and laminations are our passion and we never assume that one solution meets all needs.

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Focused on End Use
When you call Flexlink for a specialty tag or label paper, we will ask a series of questions surrounding the end use, specific needs, why an incumbent product is working or failing, as well as what would create an ideal product for you

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Flexlink uses a variety of small and large manufacturing equipment as well as independent laboratories, making us ideally suited to offer customized solutions for lowest cost of ownership and the greatest possible value.

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Our Cleveland, Ohio based headquarters and distribution facility is ideally located within 8 hours of 65% of the North American Market. From there, our reach extends to the Northeast, Southwest and throughout Central and South America.

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