Tea Bag Filter Paper

Tea Bag Filter Paper


Flexlink LLC’s range of tea bag filter paper, coffee pod paper and paper for K-Cups and capsules combine the qualities necessary to brew the perfect cup of tea or coffee each and every time. When combined with our domestic stocking program and world-class service, Flexlink LLC’s tea and coffee program is un-matched anywhere in North America. To go to our page about our Coffee Filter Paper Rolls click here.

Our tea and coffee filter papers feature:

  • A sustainable combination of abaca and cellulose fibers
  • Available in both white and natural colors
  • Pulp used to make our filter papers is never bleached with chlorine
  • Natural filter papers that are left in their natural state
  • Healthy and environmentally conscious filter papers

More importantly, tea and coffee drinkers will also know that both the beverages they drink and the filter paper that they use are good for their health and good for the earth.

Our filter papers are also used for packaging CBD tea and other herbal supplements.

However, the proper pulp is just the beginning. Flexlink’s range of tea and coffee filter papers is made with exacting quality standards that guarantee the perfect flow speed and infusion rate. It retains just the right number of particles (aka. particle retention) to brew the perfect cup or tea or coffee each and every time.

Our customers can rest assured that when using a roll of Flexlink’s tea bag filter paper or coffee capsule paper on their packaging line, our papers:

  • Will crimp and seal perfectly each and every time
  • Bend without creasing
  • Crimp without puncturing
  • Seal without leaking
  • Maintain high tensile and excellent burst characteristics
  • Remain strong during the packing process
  • Perform extremely well even if consumers over-brew their beverages

At Flexlink LLC, we also realize that tea and coffee machine speeds and efficiency are critical in any modern packaging facility. Therefore, we assure that our paper will have the proper coefficient of friction to glide through the packing machinery and pack nicely into heat seal envelopes, folded envelopes or right into boxes.

As with other products, Flexlink LLC provides tea, coffee, capsule and herbal filter papers in both large and small quantities. Grammages start at 12gsm (7#/3000 ft.²) and can be customized for most tea, coffee, pod, capsule and herbal packaging equipment.

The Logistics Team at Flexlink are experts in managing a state-side inventory and removing all of the hassle associated with domestic and international supply chains. Normally, an order placed in the morning ships in the afternoon. This reduces our customers’ inventory, increases their filter paper inventory turnover and improves their overall profitability.

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