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Flexlink LLC works with an international network of specialty kraft paper suppliers to bring you the most technically engineered papers available. And while Flexlink can supply full truckloads, we specialize in specialty paper grades that may only require less than truckload quantities. We offer a variety of light weight and thin papers for FDA compliant applications, food packaging, industrial applications, labels and packaging. Some examples are outlined below but please call us at 216–283–6107 as we would love to discuss your unique specialty paper need.

Acid Free Paper, Buffered Paper, Anti Tarnish Paper and Neutral pH Paper: Flexlink supplies a host of chemically inert papers which are neutral pH, acid free and have controlled sulfates and chlorides. If required, they can be coated with silicone and other release coatings. As a result, they are perfect for a wide range of interleaving applications including non-ferrous metals, plastics, polymers, non-vulcanized rubber, glass, wall cladding, lithoplates and other printing plates.

Asphalt Laminated and Asphalt Coated Paper: Asphalt offers a cost effective way to obtain moisture proof and vapor proof features. Flexlink can fill orders as small as one skid of asphalt impregnated paper. These papers can be used under hardwood floors, under roofing and shingles as well as a host of water proof and water resistant applications.

Colored Baking Cup Stock: While Flexlink offers white baking cup paper in basis weights down to 15#/3000 sq. ft. We also offer custom colored baking cup stock in quantities down 12,000 lbs. per color. This paper has superior hold-out characteristics and runs very well in denesting equipment.

Clay Coated ORG Papers: Flexlink offers C1S OGR (Clay Coated Oil and Grease Holdout) in basis weights from 25#/3000 ft² to 80#/3000 ft². These grades have grease resistance up to Kit 9, brightness levels up to 85 and are perfect for a host of flexible packaging applications including pet food bags, fire log wrappers, soap wraps, coffee bags, heat seal pouches, theater popcorn bags and foil laminating.

Clay Coated Paper for Flexible Packaging: Flexlink offers a range of clay coated papers for food packaging, pouches, wraps, waxing, multi wall bags, confectionary, tea pouch, tea bag, lidding stock and other applications. Our clay coated grades offer high gloss, excellent printability for both flexographic, offset and rotogravure printing while excellent physical characteristics yield increased productivity for laminating and coating applications. Finally, coated grades exhibit good flex crack resistance for crimping and sealing.

Creped Paper: Flexlink LLC markets specialty creped paper for a range of applications. Our creped paper is used for creped die wipe, creped cable wrap, creped tree wrap, creped metal wrap, creped tape base, creped seed germinating and creped tortilla wrap. Additionally, we often use our creped papers in conjunction with other technologies to provide creped interleaving for metals, plastics, polymers and glass where the creping increases absorbency, stretch and energy absorption. See our Creped Papers page for more information.

Creped Towelette Paper: Creped towelette paper has superior wet strength properties so it can be saturated with various medical solutions and used as wet wipes. This is especially true during a time when moist towelettes are being used more than ever.

Flexlink’s creped towelette papers are available in white, natural and colors. The basis weights range from 11#/3000 sq. ft. (18 gsm) up to 50#/3000 sq. ft. (81 gsm). Multiple creping patterns, stretch levels and wet-strength levels to meet specific customer requirements. After saturation with antiseptic solutions and surfactants, Flexlink’s creped towelette papers are custom designed to fold, twist or roll into foil packets, flat packs and canisters.

Serving critical supply chains in health care, consumer and industrial applications. Flexlink’s creped towelette papers serve specific end uses such as sanitizing towelettes, carry out towelettes, lens cleaning towelettes and screen cleaning towelettes. They regularly get used for medical uses, on airplanes and in other public spaces. Because they are 100% cellulose based, consumers and manufacturers alike know that Flexink’s creped towelette papers are an environmentally sound alternative to non-wovens and other synthetic alternatives.

Dust Free and Lint Free Interleaving Paper: In many cases, customers require interleaving paper which is both dust free and lint free. Flexlink LLC offers a full line of latex impregnated papers as well as high density polyethylene films and polypropylene films. These interleaving grades are designed for clean rooms and will vastly reduce the risk of particle contamination. Our latex impregnated papers, high-density polyethylene films and polypropylene films are made with the purest cellulose and polymers and designed to be used in controlled environments, including laboratories, aerospace, electronics, circuit board and other environments. So regardless of how clean your interleaving environment, call us to see how we can help you.

Dry Waxed Paper: Flexlink LLC supplies dry waxed paper industrial applications. Call Flexlink when you are you interleaving a plastic, latex, rubber or other polymer? Do you require oil impregnated paper for interleaving or wrapping your metal parts? Call and let us develop a customized product that fits your unique needs.

Electrical Papers: Flexlink’s electrical papers include transformer coil wrap paper, electrical tube winding paper, dielectric kraft paper, battery kraft paper, circuit board interleaving paper, capacitor paper and fish paper for gaskets and slot liners. Finally, we offer paper which can be phenolic impregnated and synthetic resin bonded for the FR-2 designation required to manufacture circuit boards.

Extensible Paper: Extensible paper for use in bags, sacks, coating, laminating and metal interleaving. Flexlink offers natural, bleached and colored extensible kraft paper in both fully extensible and semi-extensible form. These grades contain stretch levels up to 7.5% and are available in truckload and less than truckload quantities. If development is required and extensible grades are not working, Flexlink offers a full line of creped papers that could be customized for your unique application.

Grease Resistant and Grease Proof Paper: Flexlink utilizes a worldwide network to supply grease resistant paper and grease proof paper. Are you looking for a colored grease proof paper or clay coated grease proof paper but don’t want to buy a whole truckload of paper? Do you need glassine or a glassine replacement paper but can’t find them? Are you working with high fidelity graphics or require a special crimp seal paper? Do you need a grease resistant paper for an industrial application but you just can’t find what you need? Call us and let us custom design a product for you.

Glassine & Glassine Replacement: Glassine papers offer a natural way to achieve grease resistance, grease proofness and transparency. Flexlink offers a portfolio of colored glassine papers as well as an array of glassine replacement papers when less rigorous hold-out requirements exist. In addition to glassine for food packaging and glassine for electrical applications, our glassine papers can be used for envelope windows, bread bags, pharmaceutical pill pouches and other glassine and glassine replacement applications.

Heat Resistant Papers: Many people are familiar with Flexlink’s line of flame resistant papers. But did you know that Flexlink also offers a line of heat resistant and thermal insulating paper? All grades are cellulose based papers that withstand heat from 400° to 1000° F depending on the application. Depending on the grade selected, these papers may have release characteristics or may hold out water, oil and grease. The FLEXDura® line of heat resistant paper and tag stock is printable.

High Wet Strength Papers: Flexlink markets high wet strength paper and water resistant paper in natural, bleached and clay coated paper base stocks. Multiwall bags, pet food bags, trash compactor bags, lawn and leaf re-use bags, shingle wrap, bottle label base stock and potato bags all require high wet strength paper. Our clay coated papers are available for rotogravure, flexographic and digital printing.

Hydroentanglement Papers: Hydroentanglement papers are long fibred papers that have their fibers interwoven with other fibers during the hydroentanglement process. Similar to, but more economical than standard non-wovens, this mechanical bonding technique results in high wet tensile, high stretch, high softness and high absorbency. Perhaps most importantly these materials resist abrasion and linting which makes them perfect for medical applications such as hospital gowns, medical wipes and surgery curtains.

Such special applications require special papers with extra-long cellulose fibers. As a results, Flexlink will custom design a paper for your unique hydroentanglement application. We then back up our products with timely customer service and constant communication. This gives you visibility into your entire supply chain and results in a strong security of supply and the knowledge that you are using the highest quality products possible.

Light Weight Natural MF Kraft Paper/Light Weight Natural MG Kraft Paper: There are a host of light weight Kraft Paper suppliers in the North America. But none supply paper down to 7#/3000 sq. ft. and combine the colors and coatings that Flexlink offers. Individual grades are manufactured in quantities as low as 12,000 lbs. while tie-in grades can be supplied in much smaller quantities. So if you require a specialized coating base, food packaging paper, bag paper or other unique specialty grade, let Flexlink show you what we can do.

Latex Saturated Papers: Flexlink offers latex saturated papers for a range of applications which include clean room paper, printed tags, lint free paper applications, moisture resistant paper applications and water hold out papers. All latex saturated papers are available in custom colors and with small order minimums.

Oil Impregnated Paper & Oil Impregnated Interleaving Paper: Flexlink’s LLC’s oil impregnated papers and oil impregnated interleaving paper offers abrasion protection, a moisture barrier and heat resistance.

Onion Skin Paper: Onion skin paper works well in paper patching applications for gun and ammunition loading, flares, detonators and other munitions. They meet Mil Spec P-157A if needed. Also, ask us our about Onion Skin Replacement line for a more cost effective alternative to onion skin paper.

Pharmaceutical Insert Paper: Flexlink’s pharmaceutical insert paper is FDA Compliant paper, with high bright paper characteristics and low folding memory. These thin papers are opaque yet smooth enough for small font printing.

Ribbed Paper: Virgin ribbed paper and recycled ribbed paper are available in natural, white and custom colors (minimum of 11,000 lbs.).

Scrim Reinforced and Poly Reinforced Papers: Scrim reinforced paper and poly reinforced papers are designed to be rugged, durable and water resistant paper for metal wrap, coil wrap, lumber wrap and a number of other applications.

Soap Wrap and Antimicrobial Paper: High gloss, clay coated soap wrapping paper has antimicrobial additives that make the paper mold resistant and preserve soaps and other products in their pure and natural state. Flexlink’s unprinted Soap Wrap and Antimicrobial Paper are available to printers with a heat seal coating or come direct from the paper mill and can have a heat seal coating applied during the printing process. These papers can be printed both flexographically as well as with rotogravure methods.

Tracing Paper & Transfer Paper: Flexlink offers both light weight tracing paper as well as wax coated, latex coated and film coated transfer papers.

Waxing Base Papers: A host of waxing base papers are offered for both dry wax and wet wax applications. From small quantity colored base papers to large quantities of bleached and natural coating base papers, Flexlink offers a full range of virgin and recycled paper for your waxing application.

FSC Certified, PEFC Certified and SFI Certified Papers: All of the papers that we supply are created with the environment in mind. If you require FSC, PEFC or SFI Certification, let us know.Flexlink markets customized specialty papers, films and laminations to a broad range of industrial markets throughout the world.

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