Flame-Resistant and Flame-Retardant Papers


Flexlink’s flame-resistant paper is the ultimate guardian in industries where fire is a concern and safety is paramount. Our passion for creating innovative solutions, personalized service, and cost-effective options makes us the partner of choice for those who demand the best.

When you choose Flexlink, you choose peace of mind, reliability, and a commitment to your unique needs. Our specialty paper is your shield against the unpredictable forces of nature. Partner with Flexlink today and together, we’ll protect what matters most.

We provide a host of different flame-resistant products and specifications which range from flame-proof to flame-resistant and vary from lightweight tissues all the way to heavyweight boards.

The Versatility and Protection of Flame-Resistant Paper

When it comes to fire safety and product integrity, there’s no room for compromise. Flexlink’s flame-resistant paper stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier flame-resistant solutions. Our range of products spans from flame-proof to flame-resistant, covering everything from lightweight tissues to heavyweight boards. These are not just papers; they are the guardians of safety and durability in various industries.

Below are just a few of the industries we proudly serve.

  • Photography – Flame-resistant papers are often used to create photographic backdrops that can withstand the heat from special lighting.
  • Autobody/Finishing – Flame-resistant paper is a must-have for any safe and compliant spray paint booth.
  • Construction – Many building materials manufacturers use fire-resistant paper as a laminate layer in products such as insulating pipe wrap and exterior insulation sheathing.
  • Furniture/Appliances – Fire-resistant paper is often used as a backing or lining material in upholstered furniture and electrical appliances to decrease flammability.
Markets: Photographic backdrops, schools and education, trade shows, advertising, manufacturing, paint spray booths
Widths Available: .25” to 146”
Color Availability: All colors available
Min Basis Weight: 8#/3000 Sq. ft.
Max Basis Weight: 350#/3000 sq. ft. (60 pt. board)
Substrates: Kraft, chipboard, recycled, clay coated, linerboard, bleached, natural
Typical FR Specs: T461
Possible FR specs: NBS (National Bureau of Standards) Voluntary Product Standards PS 46-71, ASTM 4433-84,
NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 701

Why Flexlink?

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Unique for Every Application
We pride ourselves on understanding the unique nature of your business, processes and products. Papers, films and laminations are our passion and we never assume that one solution meets all needs.

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Focused on End Use
When you call Flexlink for a specialty tag or label paper, we will ask a series of questions surrounding the end use, specific needs, why an incumbent product is working or failing, as well as what would create an ideal product for you

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Flexlink uses a variety of small and large manufacturing equipment as well as independent laboratories, making us ideally suited to offer customized solutions for lowest cost of ownership and the greatest possible value.

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Our Cleveland, Ohio based headquarters and distribution facility is ideally located within 8 hours of 65% of the North American Market. From there, our reach extends to the Northeast, Southwest and throughout Central and South America.

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