Flame Resistant Paper

Flame Resistant & Flame Retardant Papers:


Flexlink provides a host of different Flame Resistant products and specifications which range from flame proof to flame resistant and vary from lightweight tissues all the way to heavyweight boards.   Likewise, the range of use is quite broad – from automotive, decorative arts, photography, theater, educational (i.e. school), furniture, filter, packaging, construction, masking, and electrical industries.

Markets: Photographic backdrops, schools and education, trade shows, advertising, manufacturing, paint spray booths
Widths Available: .25” to 146”
Color Availability: All colors available
Min Basis Weight: 8#/3000 Sq. ft.
Max Basis Weight: 350#/3000 sq. ft. (60 pt. board)
Substrates: Kraft, chipboard, recycled, clay coated, linerboard, bleached, natural
Typical FR Specs: T461
Possible FR specs: NBS (National Bureau of Standards) Voluntary Product Standards PS 46-71, ASTM 4433-84,
NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 701
Flame resistant paper used in luminary bag
Flame resistant paper confetti
Flame resistant paper needed in welding work areas
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