Recognizing an Industry Need for Ultra Thin Electrical Steel Interleaving Paper


Flexlink LLC is at the forefront of revolutionizing the metal interleaving industry, constantly pushing boundaries to protect and enhance the performance of nonferrous metals.

Recently, our team stumbled upon an intriguing development in the world of metal rolling mills, specifically targeting electrical steels. This breakthrough could potentially lead to thinner gauges, as low as .1mm/.004”/100 microns.

In response to this innovation, we aim to explore the implications and possibilities for interleaving these ultra-thin electrical steels to ensure their optimal protection and performance.

How Ultra Thin Electrical Steel is Used

While electrical steel has been a staple in the industry for decades, it has traditionally not been interleaved due to its non-surface-critical nature. Typically containing silicone, electrical steel finds applications in motors, generators, and transformers. However, a recent discovery in the metal rolling mill sector suggests a paradigm shift, raising questions about the need for interleaving in this specific niche.

Challenges of Rolling Ultra Thin Electrical Steel

Meeting the increased demand for high-quality electrical steel can be challenging. But the real challenge is in rolling strips of ultra-thin steel while maintaining surface quality and flatness.

As a response, the industry has innovated and come up with new solutions for rolling ultra-thin electrical steel. The big industry game changer is the development of new cold rolling technology that can roll electrical steels down to very thin gauges — 0.1mm on the full width of 1,250 mm. Fives is at the forefront of this unique achievement in the industry.

Where Interleaving Comes Into Play

Manufacturing and rolling premium-quality electrical steel is only half the job. Ensuring the steel coils reach clients in pristine condition is the second part. This is where metal and steel interleaving paper comes into play.

Interleaving is the process of placing a layer of paper or film between each layer of rolled electrical steel. This helps prevent damage such as scratching, denting and contamination during transport and storage.

In addition to preventing physical damage, interleaving also plays a crucial role in preserving the surface quality of the rolled electrical steel. This is especially important for high-grade and ultra-thin electrical steels that are highly sensitive to surface imperfections. Unlike any other interleaving supplier, Flexlink LLC offers several papers that are capable of interleaving ultra-thin metals in thicknesses down .1mm.

Interleaving also allows for easier handling and identification of individual sheets, ensuring efficient processing by manufacturers downstream.

Flexlink’s Interleaving Capabilities

Flexlink’s advanced interleaving solutions are critical for maintaining the integrity of a variety of metals, safeguarding the material throughout its journey to the end user. While other vendors will offer generic virgin paper for all metal interleaving applications, Flexlink’s Flexsheen™ Family of metal interleaver offers a host of customized products tailored to your individual needs. The key to our success is in utilizing a worldwide supply base to offer a host of customized solutions including interleaving paper, anti-tarnish papers, anti-tarnish tissue, acid-free paper and anti-corrosive paper.

Contact Flexlink today to learn how our interleaver can enhance the quality of your ultra-thin steel products and boost your operational efficiency.

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