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As you probably know, Flexlink supplies a range of ultra-clean, low ash, low chloride and low sulfate specialty papers for interleaving, archival and other applications. Usually, these papers are used in highly specialized applications.

In one recent application, an industrial customer was looking for a separator tissue to go between their conveyor and the product they process. The customer’s end product goes into an oven and is heated at an extremely high temperature. The light-weight tissue enters the oven with the end product, burns and becomes an impurity in the final product. Therefore, less ash results in higher purity for this customer’s final product.

With most papers, fillers such as clay create more ash in the paper. The amount of ash content can be measured and determined at the time the paper is manufactured.

At 15 lbs. per 3000 sq. ft. (24gsm), Flexlink supplies a natural tissue with an extremely low ash content (< .7%) without acid washing. Even though the paper’s residue is not removed from the end product, the final result is a high purity end product that increases the customer’s value proposition and overall profitability.

Flexlink can also supply light weight tissue with chloride levels as low as 30ppm and sulfate levels below 100ppm. Additionally, the firm supplies papers, tissues and boards that are acid free and lignin free.

Regardless of your unique tissue, paper or board need, call Flexlink LLC at 216-283-6107 to discuss some of the purest and cleanest papers available in the kraft paper market.

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