Selecting a Tea Filter Paper Supplier: Comprehensive Technical Service


Service can be an easily overlooked aspect of the total tea filter paper buying decision. Prospective customers should be sure to select a supplier that has personnel ready and able to troubleshoot problems that are being incurred on the packaging line or downstream in the distribution channel.

Precision & Control in the Plant

Due to the high speeds that most packaging lines run, a whole host of problems can happen in the plant. The temperature, humidity, seal pressure and seal temperature all have to be controlled. Meanwhile, the timing and the alignment of the entire machine has to be perfect.
To match this level of sophistication, the filter paper has to be consistent from roll to roll and production run to production run. Having the support of the filter paper supplier to lock each and every detail down, can be invaluable.

Expert Testing & Troubleshooting

A reputable supplier will also carry out laboratory studies to troubleshoot problems, provide certificate of analysis, and provide updated FDA and EMA approvals, while also providing continual updates on lead times and deliveries.

Tea Filter Paper Stocked in North America

With almost all of the production capacity for tea filter paper being based in Europe and to a much lesser extent, China, it is critical to consider transport times and local stocking programs. Additionally, paper mill backlogs are stretching out two and three months in the best of cases. As a result, it is critical that suppliers stock paper in North America.

Avoiding Impurities

Finally, rolls should be individually wrapped. Some companies put rolls in sleeves with each sleeve containing multiple rolls. As a result, unused rolls are exposed to the environment and can pick up moisture, dust, odors and other unwanted impurities.

Learn More by Downloading Our White Paper

Download our white paper to learn more about important considerations when selecting tea bag filter paper, including:

  • Heat Sealability
  • Grammage and Roll Width
  • Granules and Weight of Finished Sachets
  • Compostability
  • Color Options
  • Abaca Fiber Content
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