Solutions to Prevent Corrosion for Metal Coils


Whether you are looking to prevent corrosion, provide a professional appearance to your metal coils or improve your efficiency in the plant, Flexlink offers the barrier packaging solution to achieve your goals in both the ferrous and non-ferrous metals markets. Below you will find a brief summary of our capabilities.

Flexlink offers a full array of laminated and scrim reinforced papers and fabrics to protect your steel coils. Both papers and fabrics can be custom printed with company logos, safety information or other data.

In some cases, Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting additives or desiccants are needed to consume oxygen and prevent corrosion. Flexlink can incorporate these additives into VCI Stretch Film, VCI Fabric and Steel Wrap. Meanwhile, VCI Bags that can be slid over the top of steel coils with or without the use of desiccants are also offered.

Flexlink understands that steel mills and service centers can be very rugged environments. While we offer polyethylene coated papers and asphalt laminated papers which are often used to wrap coils or as coil end-caps (aka donuts), sometimes these materials are not strong enough. Therefore, scrim reinforced papers, scrim reinforced film laminates and scrim reinforced woven fabrics are offered to prevent tearing when wrapping around steel edges and sharp corners.

Regardless of your unique need, call Flexlink LLC at 216-283-6107 and let us help you solve your steel packaging problems.

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