Considerations When Selecting Copper Interleaving Paper


As almost any rolled copper producer will tell you, interleaving copper is not like interleaving stainless steel or other nonferrous metals. Three important differences exist that should be considered prior to selecting an interleaving paper.

1. Pulp Cleanliness

As a soft metal, physical pulp cleanliness is very important for any interleaving paper that is intended to be used to interleave copper. This is especially important when winding the interleaving tissue into a coil where the tension wound into the coil creates massive pressure between the different layers of metal.

Flexlink’s Flexsheen® line of metal interleaving tissue is made with the highest standards of pulp cleanliness.

2. Reduced Propensity for Oxidation

Stainless steel and other nonferrous metals will corrode under the right conditions. However, while copper corrodes, it also oxidizes from exposure to the atmosphere. When copper oxidizes, the surface tarnishes and moves from a copper color to brown, then black and ultimately to a green color that people often call “patina”.

Interleaving a coil or sheets of copper reduces the copper’s exposure to the atmosphere and reduces its propensity to oxidize.

3. Controlled for Chlorides and Sulfates

While Copper is less susceptible to corrosion from chlorides than other nonferrous metals, it is more susceptible to sulfates in that it will begin to corrode after the establishment of copper oxide (CU₂O) on the surface of the copper.

As a result, Flexlink’s line of Flexsheen® Interleaving Tissues are controlled for both chlorides and sulfates.

Discuss Your Copper Interleaving Needs

Flexlink’s line of copper interleaving tissues and papers is available in rolls and sheets in basis weights from 7.5 lbs./3000 sq. ft up to 50 lbs./3000 sq. ft. Our 11.5 lb. Bleached Flexsheen® is our most common interleaving grade.

If you are looking to interleave your copper coils or copper sheets; or if you are already interleaving your copper, contact Flexlink to discuss your specific application. Our team of interleaving experts will design a solution to meet your specific surface protection needs.

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