Permafiber™ – moisture resistant and water resistant colored kraft paper


I am sure you know that Permafiber™ is a moisture resistant and water resistant colored kraft paper that can be submersed in water for months and still maintain it’s tear, tensile and overall strength. But did you know just how versatile this amazing paper is? Permafiber™ is:

  • Repulpable, biodegradable and completely renewable. That makes it perfect for tag and label applications in forests, parks, fields or anywhere outdoors where users are concerned about the environment.
  • Tearable, so it tears like other paper and you get the moisture resistant benefits of synthetic paper with the functionality of real paper.
  • Stocked in an array of colors and shipped in quantities down to 250 lbs. for quick turn around on small tag and label orders.

The following list demonstrates a few of the niche applications which are currently filled by Permafiber™. What other ideas do you have?

  • Logging Tags / Timber Tags / Tree Tags
  • Industrial Dry Cleaning Tags / Identification
  • Lockout / Tagout Tags
  • Hunting Licenses / Fishing Licenses / Boating Licenses
  • Boat Registration Cards / Snowmobile Registration Cards
  • Wildlife Tags / Forest Tags
  • Biodegradable Bike Race Numbers / Mountain Bike Numbers / Running Numbers

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