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There are a wide array of glassine paper uses and we at Flexlink have improved our offering to include them all. Here, we are offering a brief summary of our overall glassine product range and how Flexlink can serve all of your glassine needs.

Archival-grade glassine, which is used for interleaving prints, maps, documents, artwork, ink-jet prints, photographs and other products can be difficult to find. Flexlink offers neutral pH, un-buffered, archival quality glassine for the most difficult archival and storage applications.

Glassine food envelopes and small glassine bags are often used to package and protect candies, baked goods, party favors, stamps and other items. Flexlink offers glassine in rolls, sheets or bag form for an array of applications.

Glassine can also be used for pastry cups, baking cups and candy cups. It’s natural, FC Free and BPOA Free grease resistant qualities make it an excellent choice that is both effective and good for people. Moreover, glassine paper is recyclable and biodegradable which also makes it good for the earth.

Perhaps the largest use for glassine papers is for transparent window envelopes. Today, more than ever, consumers want recyclable envelopes. To avoid the problems associated with recycling envelopes containing plastic. Flexlink’s glassine grades of kraft paper produces envelopes that are fully recyclable.

Flexlink offers colored glassine in a range of colors including the ever-popular chocolate glassine which is typically used in candy and snack food applications. Additionally, Flexlink offers neutral pH glassine and opaque glassine in both white, natural and colors.

Chocolate glassine and other common colors can be tied into existing glassine production runs. Depending on the grade, orders can be place for quantities as low as one master roll or down to 250 lbs. for sheets.

All of Flexlink LLC’s glassine grades can be sold with FDA Approval for direct food contact and with FSI Certification.

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