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Many may not realize it but Flexlink has been offering specialty paperboard and chipboard products for the last several years. As the source for your difficult to find specialty papers, our line of specialty paperboard and chipboard includes a range of unique capabilities for a host of specialty applications. A few of them are outlined below.

We have the ability to customize matte board products for the picture framing industry. Whether your application requires unique colors, a special embossing pattern or other unique paperboard characteristic, Flexlink has you covered.

Moreover, our neutral pH and anti-tarnish capabilities allow us to make archival board for storage, framing and interleaving applications. Our archival offering is acid-free and lignin free and can be either buffered or un-buffered. With a range of calipers available, our abilities in the archival arena are both unique and diverse.

Paper and paperboard for the cap closure market are also offered in a range of calipers and colors. These products are made with controlled porosity for gluing and laminating and meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Because our cap closure papers and boards come in white-lined, manila and dairyman’ s white, you are sure to find the grade of paper that you need.

Finally, our cylinder papers for tube winding applications can be customized for color and caliper and can have special additives make them flame resistant, grease resistant, water resistant. They have excellent burst and tensile characteristics that cannot be achieved with fourdrinier technology.

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