FLEXDura® Heat Resistant Tag Material


Did you know that Flexlink LLC now offers heat resistant paper? Our FLEXDura® line of heat resistant paper is perfect for non-adhesive coated tag applications where flexographic, laser and other printing is required. Offered in both white and natural colors and thicknesses from five to eight mils, the FLEXDura® line of heat resistant papers works well in industrial (non-food) applications for welding, extruding, baking industrial parts and tempering. The white version also functions well for neon light patterns.

Main Features of FLEXDura® Line of Heat Resistant Papers:

  • Withstands 400 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit – depending on grade, application and length of heat exposure
  • Both heat resistant and flame resistant
  • Whiteness/Brightness of 94/90 respectively on white products (prior to being heated)
  • UL 94 rating of V-O, 5VA

Primary Benefits of FLEXDura®:

  • Allows manufacturers to track parts throughout the production process
  • Affordable alternative to higher priced products currently being used
  • Minimum order quantity as small as one counter roll
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