Compostable vs. Traditional Tea Filter Paper


Another important consideration when shopping for tea filter paper is whether to use a compostable paper or a traditional heat sealable filter paper.

Polylactic Acid, a Natural Plant-Based Polymer

Compostable tea filter papers are made with polylactic acid (PLA) which is a natural plant-based polymer that is made from corn starch. The PLA-based heat sealable papers are usually certified for compostability by either TUV in Europe or BPI in North America.

Certified for Industrial vs. Home Composting

There are two different compostability studies to consider. The filter paper can be certified for either “industrial” (sometimes referred to as “commercial”) composting, which means that the filter bag has been tested in large industrial composting settings, or it can be certified for home composting.

Commercially compostable products are moved to large composters with high heat and large microbial communities. Home compostables will break down in residential compost piles at normal temperatures and with traditional microbial levels. Each composting setting has its own standards and certifications.

Learn More by Downloading Our White Paper

Many tea packagers are not sure how to select the right tea filter paper and the right vendor for their paper needs. It starts with knowing your options! Download our white paper to learn more about important considerations when selecting tea bag filter paper, including:

  • Heat Sealability
  • Grammage and Roll Width
  • Granules and Weight of Finished Sachets
  • Compostability
  • Color Options
  • Abaca Fiber Content
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