Colored Tyvek® tag stock in 32 colors


Do you provide blank colored Tyvek® tags to your customers? Would you like to avoid running them through your press to flood coat them? Or would you like to avoid the high cost of having a competitor flood coat your base stock for you?

As you have come to expect, Flexlink LLC has a cost effective solution that saves you money, is easy to use and improves your bottom line.

Flexlink LLC offers Colored Tyvek® Tag Stock in 32 Colors

Flexlink LLC provides colored Tyvek® Tag Stock in 32 different colors, quantities as low as 1600 msi and prices starting at $.82/msi. Tyvek® 1025, Tyvek® 1073 and Tyvek® 1079 are available. Flexlink offers coated Tyvek® in both coated one side (C1S) and coated two side (C2S) versions.

Sheet samples are readily available and material can be slit or sheeted and ships within one week of order placement. Please call for exact pricing on your specific project.

Coming Soon: A full line of heat resistant label materials for the metal, glass, and ceramic industries.

Tyvek® is a DuPont registered trademark for its brand of spunbonded olefin.

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