Why You Should Choose Flexlink’s PVC Film Interleaving Paper


Has your interleaving paper supplier left your PVC Film bare due to a lack of supply or an inability to get paper as soon as you need it? If so, call Flexlink LLC right now and read on to learn more about our customized interleaving paper designed specifically for the PVC Film Market.

Serving the PVC Film Industry for Over 10 Years

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Along with a full range of other interleaving papers for the metals, films, and glass industries, Flexlink LLC has been supplying interleaving paper to the PVC Film Industry for over 10 years. Our paper is specifically designed without a paper pattern so that your warm film can be interleaved without the paper pattern being transferred to the film. This is done by managing the formation and using coatings that do not release from the paper during the interleaving process.

Grades of PVC Film Interleaver

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Flexlink’s PVC Film Interleaver is offered in two different grades. The heavy-weight option comes in basis weights from 32#/3000 sq. ft. (52gsm) to 200#/3000 sq. ft. (325gsm), while the tissue option starts at 7.5#/3000 sq. ft. (12gsm) and increases from there. By supplying sheets, master rolls and counter rolls, Flexlink LLC can offer a customized solution that meets your needs on each and every application and for each and every delivery.

A Consistent Supply of Interleaving Paper You Can Count On

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Through constant attention to lead times and consistent communication, none of our customers ever go without paper, including in the past three volatile years. We understand that without interleaving paper, PVC Film lines shut down. As a result, our customers can rest assured that they will have the highest quality interleaving paper available exactly when they need it.

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