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Coffee Filter Paper Rolls for Coffee Vending Machines

Flexlink’s vending machine coffee filter rolls have been successfully used in the United States for many years by a very select group of vending customers. However, they were recently introduced to a wider audience and are now offered in order quantities down to 6 cases. Cases are stocked and ready for immediate shipment throughout the United States and Canada.

Made with the long fibers that only abaca fibers can offer, our coffee filter rolls have a high porosity which allows for excellent penetration while still retaining the coffee grounds. Further, the paper remains stiff, even when wet, and therefore moves along the conveyor freely and easily.

These rolls are individually wrapped and then bagged in groups. So, whether your vending machine route driver needs individual rolls or a group of them, he or she can quickly and easily transport them quickly and cleanly.

Call us (216) 283–6107 for a technical data, pricing or a sample roll.

Item Code Machine Type Roll Width Roll Diameter Core Rolls/Case
AP203 National Floor Model 3.00” 8.00” 3.00” 36
  • Avalon Gold
  • Van King
3.56” 5.75” 1.18” 45
  • Avalon-Starbuck’s
  • Avalon Platinum
  • Avalon Quad
  • Cafection
4.06” 5.75” 1.18” 36
AP208 Unibrew 3.94” 5.75” 1.18” 45
AP209 National Café’ 7 4.00” 5.75” 1.18” 36