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Under its FlexSante™ Family of Wine Label Papers, Flexlink LLC offers a full line of papers for those firms bottling wine, spirits or premium microbrews. These uncoated, unprinted label papers can either be printed for the wet-glue-applied label segment, or they can be pressure sensitive coated for the pressure sensitive label market.

With the FlexSante™ Family of Wine and Beverage Label Papers, both pressure sensitive converters and label printers can select either custom or stock colors. An infinite number of colors is available for custom products and includes florescent fibers, black paper and over 60 embossing patterns. Most grades within the FlexSante™ Family are suitable for foil stamping, lithography, embossing, engraving and die cutting.

This, combined with manufacturing run minimums that are as low as 6,000 lbs., creates an opportunity for label converters to create their own brand or sell under the FlexSante™ Brand Name. If a stocked substrate is selected, minimum order quantities are as low as $500.

With such flexibility, it is easy to see how our wine label, spirit label and high-end beer label grades allow our customers to distinguish their brands in a crowded marketplace and deliver true brand differentiation.

The FlexSante™ Family of Wine and Beverage Label Papers has been designed with the rugged wine, beer and spirits markets in mind. These premium uncoated label papers offer the wet-strength, wet opacity, dry opacity and durability that are required in the beverage market.

Flexlink LLC stocks master rolls as needed in its Cleveland, OH warehouse. Rolls can be brought into the warehouse in finished roll or sheet sizes or can be custom slit or custom sheeted (standard and registered) for individual customer needs.

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