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Ultra Clean Paper supplier

Ultra Clean Papers from Flexlink LLC

October 3, 2019Posted by Dale Schott

As you probably know, Flexlink supplies a range of ultra-clean, low ash, low chloride and low sulfate specialty papers for interleaving, archival and other applications. Usually, these papers are used in highly specialized applications.

In one recent application, an industrial customer was looking for a separator tissue to go between their conveyor and the product they process. The customer's end product goes into an oven and is heated at an extremely high temperature. The light-weight tissue enters the oven with the end product, burns and becomes an impurity in the final product. Therefore, less ash results in higher purity for this customer's final product.

With most papers, fillers such as clay create more ash in the paper. The amount of ash content can be measured and determined at the time the paper is manufactured.

At 15 lbs. per 3000 sq. ft. (24gsm), Flexlink supplies a natural tissue with an extremely low ash content (< .7%) without acid washing. Even though the paper's residue is not removed from the end product, the final result is a high purity end product that increases the customer's value proposition and overall profitability.

Flexlink can also supply light weight tissue with chloride levels as low as 30ppm and sulfate levels below 100ppm. Additionally, the firm supplies papers, tissues and boards that are acid free and lignin free.

Regardless of your unique tissue, paper or board need, call Flexlink LLC at 216-283-6107 to discuss some of the purest and cleanest papers available in the kraft paper market.

Flexlink's Moisture Barrier Products for Steel Coil Packaging

Solutions to Prevent Corrosion for Metal Coils

September 20, 2019Posted by Dale Schott

Whether you are looking to prevent corrosion, provide a professional appearance to your metal coils or improve your efficiency in the plant, Flexlink offers the barrier packaging solution to achieve your goals in both the ferrous and non-ferrous metals markets. Below you will find a brief summary of our capabilities.

Flexlink offers a full array of laminated and scrim reinforced papers and fabrics to protect your steel coils. Both papers and fabrics can be custom printed with company logos, safety information or other data.

In some cases, Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting additives or desiccants are needed to consume oxygen and prevent corrosion. Flexlink can incorporate these additives into VCI Stretch Film, VCI Fabric and Steel Wrap. Meanwhile, VCI Bags that can be slid over the top of steel coils with or without the use of desiccants are also offered.

Flexlink understands that steel mills and service centers can be very rugged environments. While we offer polyethylene coated papers and asphalt laminated papers which are often used to wrap coils or as coil end-caps (aka donuts), sometimes these materials are not strong enough. Therefore, scrim reinforced papers, scrim reinforced film laminates and scrim reinforced woven fabrics are offered to prevent tearing when wrapping around steel edges and sharp corners.

Regardless of your unique need, call Flexlink LLC at 216-283-6107 and let us help you solve your steel packaging problems.

Flexlink LLC Offers Widest Possible Range of Glassine Papers

September 9, 2019Posted by Dale Schott

There are a wide array of glassine paper uses and we at Flexlink have improved our offering to include them all. Here, we are offering a brief summary of our overall glassine product range and how Flexlink can serve all of your glassine needs.

Archival-grade glassine, which is used for interleaving prints, maps, documents, artwork, ink-jet prints, photographs and other products can be difficult to find. Flexlink offers neutral pH, un-buffered, archival quality glassine for the most difficult archival and storage applications.

Glassine food envelopes and small glassine bags are often used to package and protect candies, baked goods, party favors, stamps and other items. Flexlink offers glassine in rolls, sheets or bag form for an array of applications.

Glassine can also be used for pastry cups, baking cups and candy cups. It’s natural, FC Free and BPOA Free grease resistant qualities make it an excellent choice that is both effective and good for people. Moreover, glassine paper is recyclable and biodegradable which also makes it good for the earth.

Perhaps the largest use for glassine papers is for transparent window envelopes. Today, more than ever, consumers want recyclable envelopes. To avoid the problems associated with recycling envelopes containing plastic. Flexlink's glassine grades of kraft paper produces envelopes that are fully recyclable.

Flexlink offers colored glassine in a range of colors including the ever-popular chocolate glassine which is typically used in candy and snack food applications. Additionally, Flexlink offers neutral pH glassine and opaque glassine in both white, natural and colors.

Chocolate glassine and other common colors can be tied into existing glassine production runs. Depending on the grade, orders can be place for quantities as low as one master roll or down to 250 lbs. for sheets.

All of Flexlink LLC’s glassine grades can be sold with FDA Approval for direct food contact and with FSI Certification.

Call us at 216-283-6107 to discuss your glassine paper needs and learn what separates our glassine offerings from competitors.

Flexlink LLC Continues Offering Specialty Paperboard & Chipboard

November 6, 2018Posted by Dale Schott

Many may not realize it but Flexlink has been offering specialty paperboard and chipboard products for the last several years. As the source for your difficult to find specialty papers, our line of specialty paperboard and chipboard includes a range of unique capabilities for a host of specialty applications. A few of them are outlined below.

We have the ability to customize matte board products for the picture framing industry. Whether your application requires unique colors, a special embossing pattern or other unique paperboard characteristic, Flexlink has you covered.

Moreover, our neutral pH and anti-tarnish capabilities allow us to make archival board for storage, framing and interleaving applications. Our archival offering is acid-free and lignin free and can be either buffered or un-buffered. With a range of calipers available, our abilities in the archival arena are both unique and diverse.

Paper and paperboard for the cap closure market are also offered in a range of calipers and colors. These products are made with controlled porosity for gluing and laminating and meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Because our cap closure papers and boards come in white-lined, manila and dairyman' s white, you are sure to find the grade of paper that you need.

Finally, our cylinder papers for tube winding applications can be customized for color and caliper and can have special additives make them flame resistant, grease resistant, water resistant. They have excellent burst and tensile characteristics that cannot be achieved with fourdrinier technology.

Call us today at 216-283-6107 with your unique paperboard and chipboard requirements to see how we can help you.


Why Booth Liner Paper Needs to be Flame Resistant

June 6, 2018Posted by Dale Schott

Flexlink LLC's line of flame resistant kraft papers is designed to meet OSHA Standard 1910.107(b)(3) which requires that the work areas inside of paint spray booths be noncombustible. Specifically, Standard 1910.107(b)(3) states:

"The floor surface of a spray booth and operator's working area, if combustible, shall be covered with noncombustible material of such character as to facilitate the safe cleaning and removal of residue."

Flexlink now offers 4 thicknesses of flame resistant kraft paper and all are designed to self-extinguish. These include 70 lb. bleached, 80 lb. bleached, 100 lb. bleached and 170 lbs. natural flame resistant kraft papers.

Call us for samples and/or technical data. If you are interested in counter rolls, we will be sure to connect you with one of our converter partners that can supply them for you.

Glass Interleaving Paper Quality Control Considerations

September 30, 2016Posted by Dale Schott


There are five major factors that influence how often defects occur and how severe defects are when they do occur in glass interleaving paper. Luckily, the last two factors are controllable and can eliminate the risk associated with the first three factors, which are uncontrollable.



  1. Humidity - humidity increases the risk and severity of defects
  2. Heat - the warmer it is (either b/c of ambient temperature or because you are interleaving warm glass), the greater the chance of of chemical reactions which lead to defects
  3. Time the glass is interleaved - the longer you leave the paper in the glass, the greater chance of a defect

Controllable - Can Eliminate Risk from #'s 1,2,3

  1. Thickness of the paper relative to its pH - thin papers need a very low pH to avoid problems, thicker papers can have a higher pH
  2. Resin content of the paper and pulp cleanliness - limiting resin levels and other pulp cleanliness characteristics can combine with the pH to eliminate your risk

The first three issues are uncontrollable. While some clients have added equipment to extend cooling sections and/or added extra climate control equipment which also comes with higher utility bills; this is not required if you use the proper paper.


The heat and humidity can vary by time of the year or even from week to week or day to day. It is prudent to investigate if your defects coincided with unusually humid days at your facility or high humidity at your customers' facilities.


We have proven time and time again that controlling the pH and resin levels can eliminate these defects completely, Whether you buy from Flexlink or not, please be sure that the pH and resin content are measured multiple times while each order of your paper is being manufactured. Also know that if you do not use a paper produced specifically for glass interleaving, the paper mill can add chemicals to your paper any time they want. MG paper is used for bags for muffins, donuts etc. With this in mind, paper mills will often incorporate chemicals to decrease cost and increase efficiency assuming that the paper they are producing will go into bag applications.


In paper manufacturing silicone based defoamer agents can decrease cost and are therefore gaining in popularity. Unless the paper mill producing your paper is custom manufacturing a glass interleaving paper specifically for this application, they are likely to maximize efficiency without regard for how chemical changes can impact your products. In fact one of our current customers first came to us with a defect that was happening for months. Our laboratory analyzed the defect and determined that there was a thin coating of silicone on every window. As it turned out, the paper mill had switched to a silicone defoamer with the goal of decreasing their cost. The glass defect was costing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. This customer switched to Flexsheen® and has not had an interleaving related defect since that time.


Whether you buy from Flexlink or not, please give the issues above some thought. Our Flexsheen® line of products is not the least expensive paper on the market. However, the cost of random QC problems, you will find that the Flexsheen® has the least total cost of ownership of any paper that you can use for glass interleaving.


Please contact us to discuss how Flexsheen® Glass interleaving paper may help resolve your QC problems.

FLEXDura® Heat Resistant Tag Material

July 16, 2014Posted by Dale Schott

Did you know that Flexlink LLC now offers heat resistant paper? Our FLEXDura® line of heat resistant paper is perfect for non-adhesive coated tag applications where flexographic, laser and other printing is required. Offered in both white and natural colors and thicknesses from five to eight mils, the FLEXDura® line of heat resistant papers works well in industrial (non-food) applications for welding, extruding, baking industrial parts and tempering. The white version also functions well for neon light patterns.

Main Features of FLEXDura® Line of Heat Resistant Papers:

  • Withstands 400 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit - depending on grade, application and length of heat exposure
  • Both heat resistant and flame resistant
  • Whiteness/Brightness of 94/90 respectively on white products (prior to being heated)
  • UL 94 rating of V-O, 5VA

Primary Benefits of FLEXDura®:

  • Allows manufacturers to track parts throughout the production process
  • Affordable alternative to higher priced products currently being used
  • Minimum order quantity as small as one counter roll

Colored Tyvek® tag stock in 32 colors

January 18, 2012Posted by Dale Schott

Do you provide blank colored Tyvek® tags to your customers? Would you like to avoid running them through your press to flood coat them? Or would you like to avoid the high cost of having a competitor flood coat your base stock for you?

As you have come to expect, Flexlink LLC has a cost effective solution that saves you money, is easy to use and improves your bottom line.

Flexlink LLC offers Colored Tyvek® Tag Stock in 32 Colors

Flexlink LLC provides colored Tyvek® Tag Stock in 32 different colors, quantities as low as 1600 msi and prices starting at $.82/msi. Tyvek® 1025, Tyvek® 1073 and Tyvek® 1079 are available. Flexlink offers coated Tyvek® in both coated one side (C1S) and coated two side (C2S) versions.

Sheet samples are readily available and material can be slit or sheeted and ships within one week of order placement. Please call for exact pricing on your specific project.

Coming Soon: A full line of heat resistant label materials for the metal, glass, and ceramic industries.

Tyvek® is a DuPont registered trademark for its brand of spunbonded olefin.

Permafiber™ – moisture resistant and water resistant colored kraft paper:

November 9, 2011Posted by Dale Schott

I am sure you know that Permafiber™ is a moisture resistant and water resistant colored kraft paper that can be submersed in water for months and still maintain it's tear, tensile and overall strength. But did you know just how versatile this amazing paper is? Permafiber™ is: 

  • Repulpable, biodegradable and completely renewable. That makes it perfect for tag and label applications in forests, parks, fields or anywhere outdoors where users are concerned about the environment.
  • Tearable, so it tears like other paper and you get the moisture resistant benefits of synthetic paper with the functionality of real paper.
  • Stocked in an array of colors and shipped in quantities down to 250 lbs. for quick turn around on small tag and label orders.

The following list demonstrates a few of the niche applications which are currently filled by Permafiber™. What other ideas do you have?

  • Logging Tags / Timber Tags / Tree Tags
  • Industrial Dry Cleaning Tags / Identification
  • Lockout / Tagout Tags
  • Hunting Licenses / Fishing Licenses / Boating Licenses
  • Boat Registration Cards / Snowmobile Registration Cards
  • Wildlife Tags / Forest Tags
  • Biodegradable Bike Race Numbers / Mountain Bike Numbers / Running Numbers

Call us at 216–283–6107 to discuss your unique needs in the tag and label market! You can also send an email to:

Have you had a quality control problem with Glass Interleaving Paper?

November 3, 2011Posted by Dale Schott

Would you like to low pH, sulfate controlled, chloride controlled, resin controlled glass interleaver with buffering capacity to elminate interleaving related defects?

The right paper for export applications.

You have probably heard us say that the propensity for a defect to occur is affected by:

  • Heat and ambient temperature
  • Humidity
  • Length of time you store your glass
  • The paper you use to interleave your glass

Our Flexsheen® Line of Interleaving Paper has the buffering capacity to remove heat, humidity and length of time from the glass interleaving equation. Call us to discuss exactly how we do this or to request technical data and sample sheets.

Call us at 216–283–6107 to discuss your unique glass interleaving situation$#33; You can also send an email to:

Did you know that Flexlink LLC now carries Patching Paper?

October 20, 2011Posted by Dale Schott

That's right, red, cinnamon, manila and other colors and all converted into 7/8" inch rolls and ready to ship!

Gummed & Un-Gummed Patching Paper

Standard Size: 7/8" wide, 5000 lineal feet per roll, 250K feet/skid

Custom Size: Available on request

Both Gummed and Ungummed Available

2 Side Colored Tyvek®: Also ask us about our line of colored Tyvek®. We take Tyvek® 1079 and other grades and flood coat on either one or two sides with any color you choose. This frees up a color on your press or better yet, allows you to go immediately to die cutting and skip the press altogether! It represents another cost effective solution from by Flexlink LLC.

Coming Soon: A full line of heat resistant label materials for the metal, glass, and ceramic industries.

Call us at 216–283–6107 to discuss your unique needs in the tag and label market! You can also send an email to:

Call us at (216) 283–6107 and let's discuss how Flexlink can be of service to you.