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heat resistant paper used for designing neon signs Heat retardant papers for welding design Glass designs on our Flame Resistant papers.

FLEXDura® HR High Temperature & Heat Resistant Paper

FLEXDura® HR high temperature papers are heat resistant, flame proof and printable:

  • For industrial applications only (Not viable for retail applicatons)
  • Replace aramid, para aramid and polyimide flexible substrates
  • Unlike competitive products, they are affordable and non-abrasive
  • Feel and tear like other papers
  • Standard size of 8.5" X 11" sheets (Custom sizes available for larger orders. Contact us for more information.)
  • Can be used in ink jet printers for printing job information
  • Accepts flexographic and many forms of digital printing
  • Depending on the grade selected, paper will withstand temperatures from 400° to 800° Fahrenheit 1
  • White version has a whiteness of 94 and a brightness of 90 2
  • Minimum order - 500 8.5" X 11" sheets @ $.74/sheet, FOB Cleveland, Ohio

1 Tested using the UL 94 test method during which it achieved a classification of V-0, 5VA FLEXDura® HR high temperature papers achieved the highest possible fire rating for these types of materials.

2 Call us for the results of specific tests regarding heat resistance and discoloration.

The natural version is un-coated and accepts much more heat. It remains the best option when print quality is not critical. Applications for the FLEXDura® HR heat resistant paper include:

  • heat resistant tags
  • neon sign pattern paper
  • welding paper
  • brazing protection paper
  • heat shields
  • appliance insulation papers

Because FLEXDura® HR high temperature papers are printable and work well for tagging and identifying products where furnaces, ovens, welders, and plasma cutters are used creating products that need to be identified while exposed to industrial heat sources. Our high temperature papers are used in manufacturing products which include:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Powder coating
  • Other hot industrial production environments

Characteristics include:

Markets Served Stamping, Ceramics, Steel/Metals, Extruded Metals, Casting, Neon Sign Making, Glass
Print capabilities Flexography, Laser, some digital, accepts ink from standard markers as well
Competitive Products Competes with ceramic paper, fiberglass papers, polyimide paper and heat resistant films
Advantages Heat Resistant
Non Abrasive
Can be Die Cut
Non Flammable
Printable, White Print Surface
Master Roll Width 36"
Stocked Sheet Size 8.5" x 11", other sizes available on request
Will it hold a barcode? No
Minimum Order Size 500 8.5" X 11" sheets @ $.74/sheet, FOB Cleveland, Ohio

*Other calipers are available for larger order quantities

Finally, it should be noted that the FLEXDura® HR high temperature paper is both heat resistant and flame resistant (aka fire resistant). This is an important point as many people perceive heat resistance and flame resistance to be the same feature but these two features are very different. Heat resistance refers to the amount of heat a paper will accept prior to discoloring, becoming brittle or igniting. Flame resistance refers to a material that keeps a flame from spreading while also being resistant to fire. If you are interested in flame resistant paper click here.

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