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Creped Papers

Flexlink LLC markets creped papers for a broad range of applications. Applications include creped cable wrap, creped wire wrap, creped tree wrap, creped metal wrap, creped seed germinating, creped sewing tape, creped wiping paper, creped filter paper, specialty coffee filter, creped book-block, and other creped book binding applications. Additionally, our creped papers can be impregnated with latex to add water resistance, toughness, durability and dust free paper characteristics.

Moreover, Flexlink offers silicone coated creped release liner with heat resistant applications. This paper works well in autoclaving and other manufacturing environments requiring both heat resistance and release properties.

Sometimes called “crepe paper”, our creped papers are made with both virgin as well as recycled fibers. The can contain from 6% to 50% machine direction (MD) stretch and come in natural, white or vat dyed colors. We can provide creped paper from 12 lbs./3000 ft² up to 100 lbs./3000 ft².

Creped paper starts out its production process like any normal paper. But during the drying process, either a stationery or vibrating stainless steel blade puts tiny hills and valleys in the paper. It is these hills and valleys that create the expandability, ruggedness, cushioning and pliability that creped paper is known for.

These high stretch, high absorption and highly rugged characteristics make creped paper ideal for

  • As a wrap around for electrical cables, wires and wire leads (see our electrical papers page here).
  • In interleaving applications requiring high absorption and high toughness.
  • As a wrap around for trees since the stretch makes the wrap pliable and strong.
  • In bookbinding applications for capping and in applications where creped paper needs to adhere to the book block and headband.
  • As a wrap around narrow coils of metal since our creped paper is often chemically controlled to give it a neutral pH.
  • In drum lining applications requiring controlled porosity and conformability to wrap around the top of steel drums. The stretch and elasticity prevent the drum liner from tearing or puncturing.
  • For form/fill/seal applications including desiccant bags.
  • As a seed germinating paper since the paper retains water nicely.

Finally, keep in mind that Flexlink can convert creped paper into narrow rolls, sheets, sewn liners, pouches and bags. Further our creped papers are available in colors, with or without flame resistance and in a host of other forms.

Call us at (216) 283–6107 and let's discuss how Flexlink can be of service to you.